Nordic Walking vs Trekking

Last week we exhibited at the Fitness Expo in Sydney.
Nordic Walking is still fairly new to Australia; so it doesn't come as a surprise when people assume it's a kind of trekking.

It's not.
But what's the difference?

When you look up 'trekking' on Wikipedia you get redirected to 'hiking'.

Trekking bascially means walking / hiking in natural environments; often on walking trails or treks. Sometimes trekkers use poles or sticks to take the weight load off their legs (especially if they carry heavy backpacks).

Nordic Walking means "walking with specially designed poles and a learned technique to create a total body BUT low impact workout". Actually a Nordic Walker does more workout than a walker without poles. And a Nordic Walker can workout anywhere and is not restricted to walking trails.

Even if I go trekking I use my Nordic Walking poles. However I will not perform the Nordic Walking technique due to the extra energy consumption. On a longer trekking tour it is important that one conserves as much energy as possible which means the Nordic Walking gets adapted. Mainly the extension of the arms is not a priority and the applying of pressure through the straps is purely to assist the legs with the workout and with fatigue.

Most importantly - whether you're trekking or Nordic Walking - you're in the great outdoors, 'pampering' soul, mind and body and do yourself good.

Yours in health
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