Run 4 the Kids

What a week it was!

Finally I have a minute to tell you about the effort we went rhough last weekend.
Sunday morning - early start; off to the city; getting ready for the Run 4 the Kids event.

The GO NORDIC CLUB left it's mark.

Five Nordic Walkers joined in in the short distance (5.7 km) and six of us did the 14.1 km run / walk event.

Anke, Anne, Brigitte, Mundy and Maree finished the 5.7 km walk in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Janet, Eric, Robert and Patrick had left 14.1 km behind after 2 hours 20 minutes. Maria and Christine had to fight off a lot of fans and finished in 2 hours 33 minutes (including toilet breaks).


All of us had fun hearing / replying to funnt comments; a few even called us "cheats". Well, in a way they were right. You do take a lot of stress off your legs if you use poles. What they don't know is that we burned more calories than any of the walkers as we engaged our upper body as well as our legs.

If you didn't see those guys out and about it's just because they were curing their blisters.

See you all and more at next year's fun run.

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Unknown said...

I can attest to the help that the poles provided me in the walk. Without them I probably would have found it more difficult to sustain the pace that patrick and Robert were walking at which was 2km/hr more than I anticipated. Didn't feel any strain or exhaustion in my upper body at all despite pushing hard on the poles to propel me forward and up hills to keep up the pace. Hamstring could have done with a bit More warming up though.