The correct Nordic Walking technique

There has been a lot of debate about what is correct Nordic Walking techniques and how important is it to do Nordic Walking properly?

The long list of benefits when promoting Nordic Walking ONLY applies if the correct technique is performed. This is the reason why it's neccessary to ensure a decent technique is learned.

Besides - the correct modern day Nordic Walking technique has evolved since the start in 1997 (and 1985 respectively). Only recently the most influential Nordic Walking associations in Europe discussed and agreed upon (although different styles and learning steps) the following basic technique:

  • Walk naturally
  • Keep shoulders down and relaxed
  • Arms and legs move alternately
  • Forward arm swing is long and relaxed
  • Apply downward pressure through wrist strap whilst pole is in contact with ground
  • Poles always point diagonally backwards
  • Push pole back behind hips as far as possible
  • Allow hand to open at release position so arm and pole form a continuous line
  • Leading pole tip plants between front and back foot
  • Stride length is slightly greater than normal, with a heel roll and toe push off

In a short video sequence Maree (International Master Trainer) demonstrates what correct Nordic Walking should look like.

While a correct Nordic Walking technique is important, let's not forget that being outdoors and bbeing active is equally important and healthy. The combination of it all makes Nordic Walking such an appealing activity.

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