Schnitzel to remember from a medieval castle and fond farewells… until next time!

As we packed the buses and drove down the windy road, last long looks at the mountain and meadow-scapes for this tour were taken and put into the memory bank. Big smiles were on faces, skin was glowing (with some having gained an alpine tan), a few blisters may have been here and there but the bodies and souls were rejuvenated.
Before all going our seperate ways we went to the towering old ’Schattenburg Schloss’ (castle) which stands proudly over the town of Feldkirch. Some people decided to visit the museum whilst others were content to sit and have a long drink within the medieval courtyard (which itself is a museum).
Drinks were followed by lunch which brought with it the huge and locally famous ‘Schattenburg Schnitzel’ which measures 30cm and hangs off the sides of your dinner plate!
With satisfied bellies and time telling us that trains and flights were waiting, we said our good-byes to each other, with many folk saying ‘See you next time’. And with that, our inaugral Nordic Walking Euro Alps Tour drew successfully to a close.

What a time and experience it has been for all of us. The superlatives expressed and photos taken don’t do the experience justice (as I was told), but even so in the coming weeks we will endeavour to post some photos so that snapshots of the tour can be shared. Maybe they will help inspire you to perhaps join us next year when we joyfully do it all again!

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