ONE WAY Lasse Paakkonen Harder Better Faster and Stronger


Unknown said...

ONE WAY poles are amongst the best poles on the market - whether it's for cross country skiing or for Nordic Walking: have a look at for a choice on ONE WAY Nordic Walking poles.

American Nordic Walking System and WWW.SKIWALKING.COM said...

One Way, SWIX and EXEL make quality poles for cross country skiing and Nordic Walking. Durable one-piece poles that prove to be safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap/flimsy twist-lock and flip-lock 2-piece and 3-piece poles.

These quality one-piece poles are not just superior for athletes they are superior for all ages and all fitness levels. Seniors and individuals with balance issues should especially avoid collapsible twist-lock and flip-lock poles. One-piece poles don't rattle, vibrate and/or collapse unexpectedly like 2-piece and 3-piece collapsible poles do.

Skiers would NEVER use collapsible poles. Ski shops and ski rental shops don't - they use quality one-piece poles. Roller skiers and in-line skaters don't use collapsible poles either - they use dependable one-piece poles.

At and the American Nordic Walking System we carry SWIX and EXEL Nordic Walking Poles. We have tested One Way Poles and they are fantastic too.