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19/12/10 : Nordic Walking – Preparing for Events

One of our readers recently asked the question “How should one prepare for Events ?”. For those not in the know , long distance walking races are becoming more common and Nordic Walking is often one of the classifications in such races. The races often take place over distances ranging from 10km (6.25 miles) up to 40km (25 miles). Once one gets much above 10km in distance , then you really need to prepare in advance as longer distance Nordic Walking is not like the 1 hour Fitness/Wellness walks that we are normally used to. The longer the distance , the greater the preparation needed and the sooner the preparation needs to start. My view is that for distances of around 25km , the normal Nordic Walker would need 12 weeks to prepare and for a 40km , you would need 16 weeks to prepare.

If any readers intend to enter long distance walking races , then they need to consider the following 4 aspects. Firstly , Training – what is needed in terms of a regime which will get your fitness and endurance up to the required levels. Secondly , Equipment – what clothing/footwear/ancilliaries are needed. Thirdly , Hydration and Energy needs during the event. Finally , what to do Post-Event to prevent issues occuring with muscles/joints.

The next 4 days blog posts will cover each aspect in turn.


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