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7/12/10: Nordic Walking and Your Feet

A recent request for feedback from our readers lead to a fellow instructor mentioning the importance of footcare. I may be stating the obvious , but one pair of feet need to last us all a lifetime and they come in many widths and sizes.  Yet despite this , most of us pay scant attention to the day-to-day wellbeing of one of our most important assets. For Nordic Walkers , footcare should be something to pay attention to.

First of all , shoes. Many of us purchase shoes from the internet as there are many bargains available. However , it often pays to buy your Nordic Walking footware from a footware store and in person – this allows the staff to advise on which type of shoe/trainer is best suited to you and , most importantly get the size/width correctly fitted to avoid blisters.

Secondly , socks. It is essential that you wear socks that are both comfortable and are capable of absorbing sweat from the feet. The best material is cotton , as its hollow-fibre structure is excellent at absorbing liquids.

Thirdly , foot condition. If you suffer from corns or bunions , it is essential that you regularly visit a chiropodist for treatment. If you do not seek treatment , then Nordic Walking may make them worse.

Finally , foot hygiene. Always wash your feet once you return home from a Nordic Walking session. This removes sweat from the feet and allows them to “breathe”. Ensure that you discard socks for washing rather than wearing them for the rest of the day.

If your feet were sodden due to shoes taking in water while Nordic Walking , then wash them and allow to air dry with no socks – this allows any callous on the soles/balls of the foot to reharden before putting on fresh socks and shoes !

Following these simple guidelines will help to keep your feet in good condition for Nordic Walking !


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