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28/12/10: Nordic Walking – Working the Core

 The extended arm pull , discussed yesterday , also has a pronounced effect on the waist and core muscles. The torqueing effect of the alternate extended arm pull , around 4000 each side per hour Nordic Walked , tries to twist the torso from side to side. The bodies natural resistance to this means that the core muscles are tensed and relaxed on alternate sides. This in turn leads to the core becoming tight and toned. This is certainly one of the benefits of Nordic Walking appreciated by the ladies.

Other exercises for working on the core muscles can be found at the following URL : .

Another aspect of Nordic Walking can have a major effect on toning the core , and that is Single Poling. No matter how hard we try with both poles , the body adapts itself and synchronous exercise is what the body likes to deal with. Single Poling is asynchronous , the body finds it more difficult to adapt as the twist becomes one sided – the opposite side to the pole in use. Single Poling for 10-15 minutes per side is an excellent way of toning the core !

Once the core muscles become toned , regular Nordic Walking is sufficient to maintain the tone of the muscles.


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