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21/12/10:Nordic Walking – Equipment for Events

Long distance walking events are invariably held in the country environment. Whilst there may be support/first aid at feeding stations , most of the time you have to be self-sufficient. This is where you need to pay attention to your equipment.

First of all clothing/footware. You should always have sufficient clothing for the time of year – many thin layers versus few thick layers , so can regulate your comfort on the move. Good quality training shoes plus cotton socks are essential to ensure that your feet do not suffer. Lightweight waterproof jacket /trousers are necessary – there is nothing worse than feeling wet with miles to go !

When you are participating in the event , you will need to carry food and drink to maintain your hydration levels as well as replenishing your energy levels. The lightweight drawstring backpack (shown in photo) is ideal for the job. These are often given away free in hiking/biking shops as promo materials when making a purchase. You mustn’t rely on feeding stations for either food or drink , always carry some of your own.

In addition to food and drink , you should also carry a mobile phone and some first aid equipment such as bandages/dressings and antiseptic cream/wipes to treat cuts/abrasions.

An alternative to the drawstring back pack is to use a divers weight belt (minus) the lead shot). This allows you to use the compartments for seperate things as well as the convenience of wearing things around your waist.

If you really are going to be out in the “sticks” , having a hand held GPS system could be useful in a real emergency.


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