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3 Important Reasons to Walk More

Walking is an awesome way to get on the path to fitness.

Walking whenever possible is a great way to burn calories with an activity that most people find enjoyable and hardly physically challenging at all.
Keep in mind that although walking does burn calories, it is still a far cry from more intense
But walking is a fun way to start getting fit.  Here are three reasons you should be walking more:
forms of cardio like running, biking, or anything else that makes you sweat.
1. Walking Gives you More Energy

People who walk regularly boost their metabolism by doing so, and this will give you more energy for several hours after your walk.

Walking Gives you
Better Mental Health
Walks are a great way to clear your mind, and get your thoughts in order.
Walking will Help Y
ou Live Longer

Studies show that people who walk on a regular basis live longer than people who don’t. This reason alone is good enough to work walking into your daily routine.

If you live close to your work try walking to work a few days a week. Walk to the gym. Walk to the store.
Walking gives your body a chance to digest your food, and set your body into a fat burning state.
Consider purchasing a pedometer to count how many steps you take in a day. A good number of steps to aim for is 10,000. This number might seem like alot, but trust me, steps add up fast.
If you are feeling adventurous an activity you might want to consider Nordic walking, which engages more of the body, and can be more fun.

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