Which NW training is best for you?

The importance of a proper technique has been stated before. Whatever one does; when they're outdoors, using poles, they're doing something for their health. With the correct technique though, those benefits will be more and your overall health will thank you for it.

Also stated earlier is Nordic Academy as the leading training organisation. Recently the new course schedule has been uploaded to their website. Have a look at dates for training courses.

There are three different courses available: Proficiency, Leader and Instructor Course.

Which course is the right one for you?

The Nordic Walking Proficiency Course is a 2-3 hour learn to clinic for the general public. Apart from learning how to nordic walk, particpants get an introduction into the history of Nordic Walking, learn about the benefits and also get a chance to look at and try out different pole models and a variety of pole brands.

The Nordic Walking Leader Course is targeted for people who are interested in playing a leading role within their club or organisation when it comes to Nordic Walking. There are no requirements to become a Nordic Walking leader besides a Senior First Aid Certificate and a basic physical fitness ability.

Health professionals or people working in the fitness industry can register for the Nordic Walking Instructor Course. This course teaches participants how to nordic walk, how to teach Nordic Walking and also importantly, how to gain a revenue from teaching Nordic Walking.

For more information on any of the courses visit the Nordic Academy Training Courses webpage.

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