Mistake #7 (Series of False Beliefs)

Mistake #7: 'Nordic Walking is just another fad!'

Such a statement might be valid until you try out Nordic Walking. But then - should you make any statement about an activity without giving it a go?

To some Nordic Walking might look funny to others it is a potential threat; others seriously believe that this 'new thing' cannot be beneficial becasue they have not heard of it (I experienced this attitude more often than I wanted to).

That's where the problem lies. There are different reasons for people to spread rumours or use their 'expert name' to come up with a false statement; just to undermine the value of 'the new thing'. Alfter all - we don't want anything to change!

Nordic Walking has proven to be not only very beneficial but sustainable and (unlike any fad) long lasting. It's success derives from a simple movement that engages the whole body while - and this is important - being low impact on the body. It is a wellness activity if you want; a recreational lifestyle activity.

Another way to 'prove' (if that is necessary) Nordic Walking's status is the fact that so many doctors, physios, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, podiatrists, ... recommend this activity to their clients (without getting paid commission on it).

So - rather than just belief what you read or hear (whether good or bad), find out more about it and TRY it out.

For the next week there will be FREE Nordic Walking trials in and around Melbourne. Call 1300 791 740 and give it a go!

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