Country hopping by foot - 3 within 1.5 hours!

Nordic Walking Euro Alps Tour - Day 7: Feeling recharged after our sightseeing (NW rest) day yesterday, we were all enthusiastic and excited about today's mission - to visit three different countries all by foot and within the one Nordic Walk.

We drove out of the mountains and headed towards the (relatively speaking) large and wide Rhine valley where Austria meets the famed Prinicipality of Liechtenstein and stunning Switzerland.
We headed off across fields in Austria, until we reached the Rhine river which is also the Swiss border. Mid way across the bridge was the sign welcoming us to 'Schweiz'! We then walked along the side of the Rhine river in Switzerland marvelling at the towering mountains on one side and the inviting blue flowing water on the other.
Upon reaching another bridge we were keen to head into the pocket-sized (160 country of Liechtenstein. As we reached the middle point of the bridge it was fun and very novel to have one foot in each country.
A visit to the capital city of Vaduz topped off our 'country hopping' day.

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