Nordic Walking Tour in Europe has started

Nordic Academy  has organised the first Nordic Walking Tour in the Austrian Alps.

Finally it's the 23rd June, the day that we have been looking forward to for months.
Today we greeted and welcomed our 15 Australian and 1 Kiwi Nordic Walking guests to our special and unique place of Faschina in the Austrian Alps.
Before we had even started our first Nordic Walk the exclamations about the scenery, the accommmodation and the hospitality were already flowing.
To start of our Nordic Walk we took a ride on a chairlift and then enjoyed meeting interesting locals and saying 'Hello' to the grazing cows (they were all adorned by cowbells of course).
Everyone, including ourselves, are very excited about the coming 9 days.

Tomorrow we'll be crossing the valley on a gondola for a 4 hours Nordic Walk and to explore flowers and mountain peaks.

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