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The American based Arthritis Foundation just published a segment on Nordic Walking. In Australia, Arthritis Victoria and Nordic Academy have been working together for more than a year to deliver a Nordic Walking program tailored to people suffering from Arthritis.

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To burn more calories, try Nordic walking. At first, strolling down the sidewalk using a pair of modified ski poles to help propel you might seem odd, but consider this: Nordic walking burns up to 20 percent more calories. Plus, the poles provide extra support if you have poor balance and reduce strain on knees.
Nordic walking allows walkers to transfer the impact from their legs to the poles, making exercising more comfortable. The poles also encourage proper walking technique and give your upper body a workout as you walk.
“It combines the advantages of fitness walking and cross-country skiing,” says Bernd Zimmermann, founder of the American Nordic Walking Association.   “It is a very efficient full-body workout for walkers at all levels.”

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