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Yesterday , we talked broadly about the preparations that you would need to take if you were due to attempt Nordic Walking in a distance event. Today , we will concentrate on the Physical Training that you will need to undertake to be able to successfully complete the required distance.

If you are used to doing regular 1 hour Fitness or Wellness Nordic Walks , you need to understand that to do a 15 , 20 , 25 or 40 km walk involves a step change in the effort you will have to make. These distances involve Nordic Walking for times ranging from 2.5 hours to 8 hours , not including stops for rest and eating/drinking.

To successfully complete these distances , you need to train for endurance – slowly building up distance over a number of weeks , I suggest 12 weeks minimum – 16 weeks for the 40 km distance if this is the first event you have ever competed in. Training should take place every other day giving the body a day in between sessions to recover and get used to the longer and longer distances. You should be routinely covering 10-15 km in these sessions. As you get closer to event time , you should try to Nordic Walk for 75% of the event distance. You also need to learn to pace yourself – no point in starting off like a  ”Bat out of Hell” if you start to become tired 1/3 of the way ! Warming up and warming down as well as end-of-session stretching is an absolute must. Ensure that you look after your feet , wearing good training shoes and cotton socks – cotton absorbs sweat better than any other fibre.


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