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Date Added: 21/12/2010 
Australian Senior publications

GET yourself some comfortable walking shoes, grab a pair of Nordic walking poles, get a few lessons and join a group. It might seem an odd sport for a country such as Australia, but it is rapidly taking hold.

No matter what your fitness level, once you start there’s no turning back!

Denis Cahill had a triple bypass, a stent in the right coronary artery, and two elective cardioversions – and was told by his cardiologist that he was the most unfit and unco-ordinated patient he had encountered.

Instead of giving up on himself, Denis decided to do something about it. He had always dreamt of walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall, from Walls­end to Bowness-on-Solway in the UK. A total distance of 132km, it was not going to be easy, even for a fit person.

Denis discovered Nordic walking, had a few lessons, and then joined a group that regularly walked Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster East (Victoria) – and his dream was realised.

His tips for first-timers are:
Get some comfortable walking shoes.
Buy a pair of fixed-length One Way poles.
Join a regular walking group.
Match your pace to the difficulty of the terrain.

THE Nordic Academy is based in Forest Hill, Victoria, but has a network of instructors around Australia. The organisation has strategic partnerships with Heart Foundation Walking and Arthritis Australia.
Nordic Academy 1300-791-740,


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