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If you're a health professional, get ahead of the pack and become a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor

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Doctors have always prescribed walking as a part of ongoing rehabilitation for heart patients, osteoporosis patients, arthritis patients, multiple sclerosis patients, and many, many more. It’s safe and very, very effective. Almost everyone can participate in a walk! And did I mention that it is fun, because it definitely is.

Now there is a way you can turn your ordinary walk into a wonderfully beneficial fitness activity. Add Walking Poles!!! Just by adding walking poles and using the Nordic Walking Technique, you can maximize your walking routine and start enjoying the many extra benefits that this activity will bring to your routine. And one of the best benefits is that you don’t even know you are working harder.

Walking poles add an element of safety to your walk as well. They give you balance and stability, so people who have joint issues can benefit greatly by picking up a couple of walking poles. There are not very many people, no matter what their level of physical ability, or disability, who cannot benefit from Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking using walking poles burns up to 40% more calories than normal walking. Imagine that, burn up to 400 calories per hours as compared to 280 per hour for normal walking. And then by using the proper technique you can further boost your calorie consumption even more. This activity can be adapted to anyone’s fitness level. If you are just looking to add to your walk, or you are a super fit walking enthusiast, you can benefit by adding walking poles to your walk, and by using the Nordic Walking Technique.

Walking with poles helps you to reach the same intensity as running without all the high impact, and best of all, without the perceived exertion. You will feel like you are not working any harder, but your whole body is involved, automatically making it a much more effective walk and workout. It strengthens your upper body, your stomach, chest, back, neck and arms. Try to get all this out of a normal walk! Nordic Walking uses about 90% of all the muscles in your body, and the walking poles actually reduce the stress on your joints.

The Nordic Walking Technique is easy to master. It very simple terms, it is like cross country skiing without the skies. In fact, Nordic Walking was originally started as a way for Professional Skiers to stay in shape and practice during the off season. You can Nordic Walk almost anywhere you can walk, and in almost any weather. The poles add an element of safety when walking trails, you can use them for balance and aid you when walking uphill or downhill. In the snow you can use them to help keep you stable and help prevent you from slipping and falling while you walk. The only conditions where walking poles are not advisable, are on bare ice.

Best of all, Nordic Walking puts you in a good mood. It is a fun activity that is energetic and relaxing.

The most important key to any successful fitness program is finding activities that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy an activity, chances are you won’t keep at it. If you like walking and enjoy the outdoors, try Nordic Walking, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


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