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Nordic Walking for a Total Body Workout - although the photo is very European Alps, Nordic Walking can be done anywhere!

If you're interested to Nordic Walk the Alps though, visit We will be running a 10 day Nordic Walking tour in the Austrian Alps in June 2011.

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Try Nordic Walking for a Total Body Workout


If you enjoy cross-country skiing, but you don’t live in a place where there’s snow on the ground 365 days of the year (who wants that anyway?), you may be interested in a similar activity: Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking is a total body workout that can be done year round on any type of surface (city streets, a park, or the beach!). It involves walking at a fast pace while using ski-like poles to remove the stress from your lower body and propel yourself forwards. The exercise burns nearly double the calories that traditional walking does and can raise your heart rate to the level it reaches while running, but is superior to running in that it strengthens the upper body and is low impact. Anyone can pick up on Nordic Walking and adapt it to fit individual needs, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. For beginners, instructional books and videos are available that will provide information on how to Nordic Walk effectively. Purchase products here to get started.


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