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Nordic Walking ‘Is a Life Changer’

Expert Will Teach You the Technique at Free Clinic

Robert Sweetgall, a world-renowned walking expert and president of Creative Walking Inc., will be the keynote speaker at the Heart to Heart Fair to be held Saturday, Feb. 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. John's Mercy Hospital in Washington.

He will give two presentations that day. The first will be a how-to session on Nordic walking, the second will be a Motivation to Move, where he'll outline five great physical activities to reduce weight, stress and lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Nordic walking is something Sweetgall has done for 20 years. It's a type of walking that uses poles, kind of like cross country skiing on dry land.

The benefit of Nordic walking over regular walking is that you get a better workout, said Sweetgall.

"You use 40 percent more muscles in your upper body and it burns 40 percent more calories," he said, noting it works the triceps, lateral muscles, pectorals and the lower abdomen. "Plus it gives you support. It takes the stress off your knees and hips . . . It's like taking 15 pounds of dead weight off your joints."

There is, however, a technique to using the poles to get the maximum benefit, and that is what Sweetgall will be teaching people at the Nordic Walking clinic, which begins at 8:30 a.m. in Classroom A of the Mercy Doctors Building. The class will move outdoors to the parking lot, weather permitting.

Sweetgall is confident people who learn about Nordic walking will love it, as he does.

"This is a life changer," he remarked. "It's like going from two legs to four legs. It's best for your bones. It covers everything - it's good for your heart, it's a fat burner, it's good cardio, it gives you improved bone density, it's good for your spine and shoulders - it's a total body workout."


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