In addition to the superb Nordic Walking we do on this tour, we also do some unforgettable sightseeing and authentic immersion into the local culture.

Yesterday we went to Lake Constance, and via ferry travelled across the German border to the charming island town of Lindau. Here we enjoyed either strolling, shopping, dining or just people watching. Later on we drove up to a medieval castle which is now a fine dining restaurant, where we indulged in more of the delicious Austrian 'coffee and cake' ritual.

Today we visited an authentic small dairy and learnt about the art of cheese making. We then witnessed the local celebration of one of the Catholic holy days ('Corpus Christi'). It was a treat to see a whole community attend a church service dressed up in their splendid traditional clothing. The day finished with an interesting presentation about the local herbal tea project. PS. We did also manage to fit in a Nordic Walk amongst all this!

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