The last two days have seen us explore the alps around the Grosses Walsertal region in western Austria from two different perspectives.

Yesterday we headed to the Rhine river where it acts as the border between Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. And in one walk we explored the wide Rhinetal valley and views of the surrounding towering mountains from all three of these countries. International trekking - all in one afternoon!

Today we experienced the lushness of the narrow valley floor here in Grosses Walsertal. Incredibly crystal clear rivers (yes, those ones that look fake) as well as waterholes, canyons, and then doing it really tough we dined on wonderful food and drink at a guesthouse which is located at a famed healing water spring (its healing properties have been noted in historical writings from over 400 years ago!)

We are certainly feeling very rejuvenated. :-)

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