Nordic Walking is accepted and being used worldwide in the treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, neuromuscular and cardiovascular-related diseases. The standout feature of the activity is that the technique can be adapted to cater for patients’ individual needs and to provide specific outcomes.

- Provides increased stability, security and confidence with walking

- Develops co-ordination and integrates major muscle groups

- Enables functional mobility without loading of full bodyweight

- Builds core stability and back strength

- Promotes hip flexor and foot dorsiflexion strength – thus aiding in falls prevention

- Improves joint mobility and muscle flexibility

- Produces a more intense workout effect but with less perceived exertion

- Increases circulation throughout body

- Helps improve self-image and mental acuity

- Boosts aerobic conditioning and weight loss effects

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To assist people who are living with chronic conditions Nordic Academy is working with a variety of health organisations in Australia such as Arthritis Victoria and fellow foundations in SA and WA as well as with the Heart Foundation.