Facts about and Preparations for the Vasaloppet

In our second post about the Vasaloppet (the mecca event in the Nordic Skiing world) we’ve got some interesting stats and facts about the race that are sure to impress. Guess how cold it gets on race day for the participants…?

2013 Race Date:                         Sunday 3rd March 2013
Number of participants:               15,800

Distance:                                    90 kms

Race style:                                 Classic technique

The Circuit
Start area, Sälen:                        350m ASL (above sea level)
Race highest point:                     528m ASL
Finish, Mora:                              162 ASL
Rising metres:                            812 m
Falling metres:                            986 m
Uphill:                                        25% – 22.2 km
Level:                                         43% – 38.6 km
Downhill:                                    32% – 29.2 km
Total:                                         90 km

The participants have to prepare themselves very well for this endurance race, which takes place in sub-zero temperatures: the average temperatures for February in this part of Sweden ranges from -22 to -3 degrees – yikes, that’s cold!! Preparation must therefore be thorough with pre-event training programs including weekly totals of 500 kilometres!!

For more info about the race you can check out the event website: 

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