Vasaloppet, Sweden – the oldest, longest and biggest Cross Country Ski race in the world.

"I Fäders Spår för Framtids Segrar" (In the footsteps of our forefathers for the victories of tomorrow) - nothing else can better describe the heroic deed and the honour to take part in this famous Scandinavian sporting event.

The Vasaloppet forms part of the Swedish soul and tradition, and like the Tour de France cycling race, this event traverses and shows off the beauty of the country of one of the most northern countries in Europe. The race is tough and a very long 90km, so participant who makes it to the finish line is a winner.

Our supplier of Nordic Walking Poles, ONE WAY is the main sponsor of this traditional ski race (you can see their fluorescent yellow flags in the photo).

This year’s Vasaloppet will take place on Sunday 3rd March. During the lead up to the event we are going to bring you a few posts giving more info: stats, background and the participants. For now though, have a look at some of the amazing footage from the 2010 Vasaloppet:  

In Australia, we have our own version of the Vasaloppet – it is called the ‘The Hoppet’. It is run at Falls Creek in Victoria each year, and attracts around 1,000 participants. The track is not as long, being 30 km in length, but is still a mean feat to complete! The Hoppet is one of the races included in the international ´Worldloppet´ series.

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