Mistake #1 (Series of False Beliefs)

In the next couple of weeks I'd like to put an emphasis on false beliefs and rumours when it comes to Nordic Walking. It's amazing how many self acclaimed experts are out there knowing everything about this type of exercise - talking about training, technique, equipment; writing about who Nordic Walking is for and when (which season).

Let me put down some facts.

Mistake #1: 'I can nordic walk with any pole / stick!'

This is wrong! It's important to look at PROPER Nordic Walking poles; the wrist strap is essential to perform the correct technique. Depending on the person's weight and fitness ability and aims, different Nordic Walking poles will suit the purpose. The pole shaft can be made from alloy, fibre glass, carbon composite or 100% carbon. The pole tip is made from Tungsten Carbide - if it's a good pole and from a soft metal if it's a cheap pole.

Note: Just because the pole is called 'Nordic ... (something)' does not mean it's a Nordic Walking pole. Be cautious when you ask sales assistants (as the activity is new there is a good chance that the salesperson hasn't even heard about it).

This is one reason why Nordic Academy offers advise over the phone. If you're after Nordic Wal;king poles or training, free call us on 1300 791 740 (Australia only!).

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