Mistake #3 (Series of False Beliefs)

Mistake#3: 'After doing Nordic Walking for a while one will get bored'

WRONG! Walking might seem boring to some, Nordic Walking on the other side is everything but boring. The most obvious step to take to 'fight boredom' would be a change of scenery - change parks, directions to your usual walk, ... but there is heaps more you can do to make your regular Nordic walk as exciting as it was around the first time!

Using two poles while walking means having a large bag of opportunities to make your workout / recreational Nordic walk / leisure activity different to yesterday and the day before.

Try out double poling - don't change the movement but perfrom the pole action with both sides at the same time; you can do that on every second (slightly more challenging) or on every third (for alternate pole plant -step action) step. Why not mixing it up - double poling on every second step for four steps, then double poling on every third step for four steps, ...

Go for a Nordic run - performing the same action but run instead of walk (you might need to plant the poles further ahead as usual as your 'stride' becomes longer when you run).

Interrupt your Nordic walk and do some strengthening exercises - be inventive and use the poles as your 'mobile gym equipment'.

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