Mistake #4 (Series of False Beliefs)

Mistake #4: 'I don't need to learn how to Nordic Walk."

Of course nobody will force you to learn how to nordic walk. Just - if you don't do it properly, you will not gain from the benefits. It's that simple!

While Nordic Walking looks easy, it takes a bit to master the technique. Additionally, walking is easy, just by adding poles doesn't make it more difficult, is a statement I have heard over and over.

As mentioned, it's not illegal to go for a walk with a pair of poles, regardless of how wrong you do it. We're just talking about performing the correct technique to gain benefits. And to achieve that it is necessary to have some tuition, either with a qualfied Nordic Walking instructor or (if that is not an option) by learning from a good quality DVD. Watch the video below for the correct Nordic Walking technique and it's variations - performed by a Nordic Academy Master Trainer.

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