Mistake #5 (Series of False Beliefs)

Mistake #5: 'Any Nordic Walking Coach can teach me the correct technique!'

The titles 'coach' or 'trainer' are terms that insinuate expertise in the field. Unfortunately you'll only find out whether somebody carries the title because he / she is good or wants to feel good.

Nordic Walking is an activity for health or a healthy lifestyle - meaning, your instructor should have a background in health (or at least fitness).

To avoid disappointment with your coach, check with whom (training body) your Nordic Walking Instructor / Coach / Trainer did his / her training. Also try to find out whether the training courses are accredited and recognized by independent organisations and if anybody can attend such a training course. For example, the Instructor Course that Nordic Academy offers, is only for people who do work either in the health or fitness industry or do have an extended knowledge about physique and anatomy and are very experienced in coaching athletes.

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