Nothing's better than an early morning hike! - Nordic Walking Euro Alps Tour, Day 5

Today is Sunday which means rest day. Not for us! We had an early start - at 6:30 we walked up a mountain and along a ridge to greet the sun. After our morning workout, breakfast tasted even nicer than usual.

At lunchtime we went to the local music and brass band festival - there were about 40 different brass bands, all in their traditional costumes, playing and marching along the road towards a big tent, where everybody was in party mood.

Another day with amazing experiences gone!

Tomorrow we're going to Bregenz - by car and then to Lindau - by ferry. In Bregenz we'll have a look at the stage on water where they show an opera every year. Bregenz and Lindau (Germany) have very nice and interesting old districts - it will be a nice day!

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