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A very good summary of the 'problem' for Nordic Walking. It looks too easy to be considered a real fitness workout.

Get into Nordic Walking

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The problem for  Nordic Walking is that the casual observer cannot appreciate the effort being put in by the practioner , especially if they are Nordic Walking in 1st or 2nd gear - they cannot feel the upper body and trunk engagement , so they cannot begin to imagine the benefits of using “4 Limb Drive” .

 This , I believe , is the reason why most people who see Nordic Walkers think they are seeing people “walking with poles” rather than someone  using an advanced fitness technique. Even if you watch videos of Nordic Walking , you have to concentrate your attention very carefully on the shoulders of the Nordic Walker to get any impression of upper bodyand trunk engagement.

 You only begin to appreciate the potential benefits of Nordic Walking by trying it – so find your nearest Nordic Walking instructor who offers free Nordic Walking Taster sessions and give it a try – I promise you , you will be amazed at the feeling of total body engagement that you get ! Nordic Walking , done correctly , uses around 90% of the main muscle groups in the body – it beats a good gym workout on a cross-trainer and it is  in the outdoor fresh air. Our next free taster session is on Sat 22nd Jan at 9.30am in Jesmond Dene , Newcastle , Tyne & Wear. Contact us if you would like a place. The Dene is an excellent venue to learn Nordic Walking and has some interested scenery and features. The photo is of an old water mill in the Dene.


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